"Initial Draft Environmental Assessment"


The TBNC Proprietary Outline and Study Draft 004 Revised; Operational Title "OPLAT IDEA", is presented in a numerically collated general planning format and is supported by an estimated financial investment, preparatory to scheduled findings, opinions and dissertations in identifying the conditions and elements required by the National Environmental Policy Act [NEPA] and the California Environmental Quality Act [CEQA].

The TBNC OPLAT IDEA document is intended to provide a general preliminary project analysis, and an estimated financial commitment, required to identify and discuss certain physical, biological, social and economic factors that the project may affect the greater San Diego County Region.

The proposed Offshore International Airport Platform, and it's envisioned utilization, is a world-wide unique, industry-first facility.

Examinations of potential environmental consequences shall be evaluated in greater detail, and discussion presented during the on-going planning, engineering, and entitlements process.

Initial Listing of Potential Responsible and Sponsoring Agencies
To be Expanded During Planning, Designing and Engineering Discovery


U. S. Army Corps of Engineers [ACOE]
U. S. Department of Interior
Council on Environmental Quality : Ocean Policy Task Force
California State Lands Commission
Local Agency Formation Commission [LAFCO]
Federal Aviation Administration [FAA]
San Diego County Regional Airport Authority [SDCRAA]
San Diego Association of Governments [SANDAG]
United States Department of Transportation
U. S. Maritime Administration [MARAD]
U. S. Office of Inspector General [OIG]
U. S. Research and Innovative Technology Administration [RITA]
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
California Department of Fish and Game
California Public Utility Commission [PUC]
Regional Water Quality Control Board [RWQCB]
Air Pollution Control District [APCD]
U. S. Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization [DOT/OSDBU]
County of San Diego
City of San Diego


Project [Program] Description In Brief Abstract

The Proposed Multi-Dimensional Offshore International Airport Platform
San Diego Region · California · United States of America

TBNC envisions an ocean-based multi-purpose infrastructure facility, "To be Named", permanently-moored ten [10] miles offshore within the Southern California Bight. This project will solve the air transportation and water challenges that California is facing today. It is in alignment with California's long term plan to protect our ocean while developing needed infrastructure and alternative energies.

Thanks to UCSD's Scripps Institute of Oceanography, more is known about the Southern California Bight [Bight] than any other section of the Pacific Ocean. The cold California Current and relatively mild wave action make the Bight uniquely suited for this project.

Because the location is geographically convenient and boasts ideal aeronautical, and terrain-free conditions, this Proposed Facility will fulfill San Diego's critical need for a new International Airport – now and for centuries to come. Of perhaps even greater value, this facility will host a desalination plant, that at ten [10] miles offshore in more than 1,200 feet of water, will be free of the known negative environmental impacts of similar-designed coastal or inland based desalination plants.

Clean sustainable ocean energies, and an independent and reliable source of fresh water will be produced on-site for the facility and provide for export capacity to the greater Southern California Region. This Proposed Offshore Facility will be the "greenest", most self-sustaining, and "state-of-the-art" airport facility in the world.

Decommissioning Lindbergh's short, and deficient single runway will enable "restoration"of the San Diego Bay Wetlands while removing FAA restrictions on high-rise development. It will eliminate the jet over-flights and significant noise that negatively impacts hundreds of thousands of San Diegans.

The Platform's multiple stories beneath the three [3] square mile flight deck is integral to the engineering design and significant spatial volume will be available for infrastructure, industrial, commercial and even residential purposes.

Projected to feature approximately two hundred million [200,000,000] square feet of "real estate" located at an International Airport, this project is very attractive to private capitalization. The Proposed Facility promises to be a shining example of Performance Based Infrastructure [PBI].

This unique, synergistic engineering marvel will employ tens of thousands. It will enhance the natural environment and benefit millions of Californians.


Phase One Initial Budgetary Study / Draft 007.R

Discussion Level I

• Abstract
• Forward / Preface
• Global Introduction
• Theoretical Background
• Design Concept and Analysis
• Management and Presentation of Existing and OPLAT Secured Data, and Technical Reports
• System Build Methods, Assumptions and Procedures
• General Analysis
• Initial Conclusion
• Forward Planning Recommendations

Discussion Level II [Subsequent to Level I]

• Expanded Reporting Criteria
• Expanded Field and Technical Discovery
• Expanded Methods and Procedures
• Expanded Technical Validation
• Expanded System Build Methods, Assumptions and Procedures
• Expanded Testing and Findings Associated with Materials and Components
• Expanded Legal Opinion and Program Certifications
• Expanded Conclusions
• Expanded Forward Planning Recommendations

Discussion Level III [Subsequent to Levels I & II]

• Empirical Findings and Technical Data Validation
• Program, Concept and Facilities Analysis Modeling, Testing and Certification and Validations
• Proofing of Concept
• Validation of Conclusions
• Legal, Agencies and Program Certifications



IDEA 2014 - 2021
Initial Draft Environmental Assessment
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